They can do things according to their choice. I found all the newly admitted students in high spirits. They were all happy to make friends. I moved round the college. I was very much delighted to see the grand library of the college where I could find books on very subject. The college laboratory excited my essay on republic day celebration 2016 on the very first day and I got eager to perform experiments there. When the devastating 7. She had also gone into labour and would give essay on republic day celebration 2016 to her son that day.

For millions of people around the globe, water, sanitation and hygiene conditions have improved. Still, inmillion people are using unsafe drinking water. Three years ago, Lina was denied admission to secondary essay on republic day celebration 2016 and felt her dreams were over. She now receives vocational training. The flooding began in mid-July and, at its height, affected 20 million people, half of them children. The conflict Problem solving approach to conflict resolution Yemen continues to worsen.

By mid-June, 21 million people were in need of humanitarian assistance, including 9. Pabitrya Paudyal, 13, stands in front of door — all that remains of a school in Gorkha District that was destroyed during the 25 April earthquake.

On 31 May, nearly 14, children whose schools were destroyed or heavily damaged in the 25 April and 12 May earthquakes began having classes for the first essay on republic day celebration 2016 in five weeks, in temporary learning centres.

A girl at school, in India. Over the past 15 years, collective efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals — ambitious objectives to be achieved by that would realize a brighter future for all — have yielded significant gains worldwide. But the achievements made on a large scale conceal inequities that continue to threaten the most vulnerable children. The next 15 years provide an opportunity to ensure that the progress we make for children reaches child.

Civil unrest has erupted in Burundi amid the approach of Curriculum vitae director tense presidential election, to be held in June. OverBurundian refugees have fled to neighbouring countries, including Rwanda, where more than 26, of the refugees are staying, as of 18 May.

Baby Nirman was born in the period between the two recent earthquakes in Nepal. Their home was destroyed and their poultry farm damaged during the disaster. A girl attends class in Guinea. Despite remarkable progress in education, nearly 58 million children of primary school age and 63 million children and adolescents of lower secondary school age are out of school around the globe. As the World Education Forum takes place this week, UNICEF calls for the equitable expansion of education, ensuring every child — regardless of gender, location, ability or socioeconomic status — is reached with the opportunities learning affords.

In Aprilsocial mobilizers walked for miles on foot to reach remote villages in Lofa County with life-saving information on how to prevent the spread of Ebola. Such efforts have been critical to the victory Liberia achieved on 9 Maywhen the country was declared free of Ebola transmission. Valentina Nikolaeva, part of a UNICEF-supported mobile team of volunteer psychologists, leads a group therapy session at the only operating kindergarten in the conflict-affected city of Debaltseve, Donetsk Oblast province.

They were scared when they heard loud noises. Search, rescue and relief operations continue in the aftermath of the massive 7. Overhouses were destroyed and more than 85, damaged, leaving 24, people internally displaced. A woman stands outside co oznacza thesis home, in the city of Bhaktapur, Kathmandu Valley.

Following the devastating natural disaster, she was able to salvage some belongings, which are behind her, and then awaited going to a shelter. One-month-old Monyaguek Mayen is vaccinated against polio, in Unity State. The lives of 1. Though more children than ever before are essay on republic day celebration 2016 protected with vaccination, which prevents up to 3 million child deaths each year, the poorest and most marginalized children are consistently missing out on life-saving immunizations despite being those who need them the most.

UNICEF support has included essay on republic day celebration 2016 nearly 92 tons of nutrition, health and water, sanitation and hygiene supplies that will reach people across the country.

Tens of thousands of children are in need of immediate assistance after Tropical Cyclone Pam ravaged the island nation. At least half of the population is estimated affected — about 60, of them are children. In the storm-damaged Mele neighbourhood in Port Vila, the capital, children and families no longer have access to safe water.

She now lives with her father, mother and younger sister in the Dar es Salaam refugee camp, where she drew a picture of her brothers and sisters while attending a UNICEF-supported child-friendly space. She does not know whether they are alive or dead.

The income she earns supports the family and sends Eva to school. UNICEF supported the construction of classrooms, water and sanitation facilities and a sports field, and promotes good hygiene practices, at Lohanosy Primary School, in Analamanga Region.

The school is built on land donated by the community and receives support from the Ministry of Education and the private sector. Education is among social services still regaining public investment as Madagascar emerges from a debilitating political crisis and an ensuing economic decline. Climate change Civil service essay paper 2012 environmental degradation undermine the rights of children and can affect their ability to live in safety, access water and food, and dwell in unpolluted communities.

Children near shore in Port Vila watch a boat further out that is essay on republic day celebration 2016 an immunization team to a nearby island. Lacking alternate places to live, some Bangladeshis build their lives on chars — small, sandy islands created, and destroyed, by floods or erosion. In Kurigram District, fishermen navigate thick, early morning fog as they journey toward Jhorgoch Haat, a market open only when the waters of Brahamaputra River recede to expose Char Jhorgoch.

Such temporary markets, which change location as chars appear and disappear, are essential to the way of life for char inhabitants. While deaths from AIDS are falling among essay on republic day celebration 2016 age groups, progress is lagging behind for adolescents aged 10—۱۹, for whom AIDS has become the second-leading cause of death globally.

Two adolescents search for gold at the Kekoro mining site. In the largely unregulated work, many children labour alongside their parents to help support their families. Children complain of back problems caused by the strenuous work and of difficulty seeing or breathing because of exposure to dust. Each year, some 3 million girls are subjected to female genital mutilation FGM. Despite being illegal in many countries, the practice continues due to cultural pressures and, at times, is even performed by trained health providers.

We must stand together to end the practice. The earthquake — the single largest catastrophe Haiti has endured in centuries — claimed more thanlives and wreaked havoc on already fragile infrastructure, deepening inequities for the macroeconomics personal statement vulnerable children.

Over 1, children in the city are now staying in underground bomb shelters — often in unsanitary, crowded and freezing conditions and with little or no access to food, water, sanitation or basic hygiene supplies. A UNICEF-supported national nutrition security programme funded by the European Union EU aims to permanently reduce the rates of under-five child and maternal under-nutrition in the country.

In many countries worldwide, significantly less public resources are used to educate children in the poorest 20 per cent of society than in the most affluent 20 per cent. Focusing on the needs of the most marginalized children ensures they too can access the opportunities unlocked through quality education. Boys attend school in Tomin village. On 20 Novemberthe essay on republic day celebration 2016 celebrated the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child CRCthe most rapidly and widely ratified international human rights treaty in history.

The number of primary-school-aged children missing out on schooling fell by 42 per cent between and Still, worldwide, 58 essay on republic day celebration 2016 children of that age group — children like Rozina — are out of school.

If current trends continue, 15 million girls and 10 million boys are unlikely ever to set foot in a classroom. Today marks a tragic anniversary for South Sudan: Rates of malnutrition in children have more than doubled as a result of the conflict.

With just 52 per cent of overall funding secured so far, nearlychildren will likely go without warm clothing. It is a key essay on republic day celebration 2016 that came out of a discussion they had on the economic crisis and its effect on Italy, during a group activity at La Grande Bellezia, a new youth centre in the city of Turin, Piedmont Region. Disillusioned with the current circumstances in Italy, and in Europe at large, the adolescents chose the word as a reflection of the need to build a new generation with better values.

Indra, with her husband and two daughters, remembers how she felt two years ago upon learning she was living with HIV: I thought I would die soon. Because of the ongoing conflict, Anya, 8, fled her hometown of Bryanka in July and now lives in an accommodation centre in Kyiv. Her mother, brother and sister, who were unable to get out, remained behind. They are much younger than me.

I must protect them. A essay on republic day celebration 2016 team, accompanied by an armed escort, vaccinates children in a nomad community during a national polio immunization campaign. The world is closer than ever to eradicating polio. Just essay on republic day celebration 2016 endemic countries including Pakistan remain.

Acceptance of the polio vaccine in these countries has reached record highs through intense UNICEF-led social mobilization.

World Polio Day, held annually on 24 October, focuses this year on the final push to end the crippling disease. The CRC, the first legally binding code of child rights, turns 25 in Its four guiding principles are non-discrimination, best interest of the child, survival and development, and respect for the views of the child. A boy in Grade 1, with the school bag he just received, in central Damascus.

UNICEF launched a national campaign to raise awareness of the importance of education and encourage children to return to learning. UNICEF and partners also distributed school bags with stationery supplies to 1 million conflict-affected primary-school-aged children across the country. In Gaza, where children continue to recover from intense violence during the summer, adolescent boys practise parkour — athletic manoeuvres around obstacles.

A pregnant woman speaks with a health worker wearing personal protective equipment during a routine antenatal examination, at a healthcare facility in the West Point neighbourhood of Monrovia. People in a nearby room are suffering from Ebola-like symptoms. Three-week-old Francine Melissa sleeps at the displacement site where she and her year-old mother now shelter, in conflict-affected town of Bambari in Ouaka Province.

UNICEF-supported child protection efforts to provide comprehensive assistance for survivors of gender-based violence are ongoing. Child refugees from South Sudan attend a makeshift school in Kule camp. Since mid-Decemberconflict has forcedSouth Sudanese to seek refuge in neighbouring countries, including Ethiopia.

As of 15 August, the overall appeal was only 24 per cent funded. A health worker administers a dose of oral polio vaccine ongoing conflict leaves children increasingly vulnerable to the crippling disease.

Outreach workers speak with farmers about Ebola, its symptoms and how to prevent its spread, in Lofa County. The current Ebola outbreak in West Africa is the worst in history, and prevention is the only way towards curbing its spread. A girl holds her baby sister while waiting to collect food rations in the town of Mingkaman.

They are among 1. Small-leaved succulent plants like the essays on republic day celebration 2016 Nyabel Wal holds grow close to the ground all around the town of Kiech Kon. One of her children is suffering from severe acute malnutrition. UNICEF, the World Food Programme and partners have deployed rapid response aid, including nutrition support, to the town, but needs remain urgent there — and countrywide.

Mohammed Fakhri Naim, 3, is recovering from injuries he sustained during missile fire on a school where he and his family had taken shelter. I took my family to the school, and it was bombed. A girl looks out a window of Imeldahof Home, an orphanage that provides a safe haven for child survivors of sexual abuse or domestic violence, in the town of Noord. New arrivals live in one house, where they are closely monitored for the first three months of their stay, before moving into other houses within the orphanage, where they form long-term relationships with other children.

Background, centre UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake and, to his right, Executive Director of the World Food Programme Ertharin Cousin visited South Sudan to essay on republic day celebration 2016 attention to the looming nutrition crisis in the country, where resurgent conflict has raised pre-existent emergency levels of undernutrition among children to grave heights.

Without immediate intervention, it is estimated that 50, children could die from malnutrition by the end of the year. In most of the practising countries, including Burkina Faso, the majority of girls and women think it should end. The Day of the African Child, celebrated annually on 16 June, commemorates the thousands of courageous children in Soweto, South EssayPro wounded or killed — who marched in to protest apartheid and to demand equal education.

Their legacy continues to build a better essay on republic day celebration 2016 for African children. Sport is a powerful tool to help improve the lives of children, families and communities. Sport creates safe environments where children can play, express themselves and learn; helps educate children and their parents about social essays on republic day celebration 2016 and rights; and provides valuable psychosocial support in times of difficulty.

A recording artist, actress and designer, Ms. Gomez visited the country to bring attention to children in need there and around the globe.

The world business plan outline ehow made noticeable progress in reducing under-5 child deaths; but progress for newborns has lagged behind.

Most newborn deaths are from preventable causes and can be reduced with sufficient resources and attention to quality care. Effective, affordable solutions exist that, if made more widely available, can essay on republic day celebration 2016 save at least two-thirds of newborn lives. A woman cradles her infant at Mwembeladu Maternity Home in Zanzibar. Syrian boys in Domiz refugee camp, in the northern Dohuk Governorate.

Many of these refugees continue to face inadequate access to basic services, as education, health care, water and sanitation — a risk that is even greater for the 85 per cent of Syrian refugees living outside formal camps.

Right Nour, 11, who has Down Syndrome, and her family fled the Syrian conflict more than three years ago. She learned to read and write at school in her country, but the educational facility in the camp where she now lives is unable to accommodate children with special needs.

The country has made tremendous gains in girls’ education over the years, but barriers remain. InUNICEF-supported programmes to eliminate gender disparity and other barriers to education continue to further improve girls’ quality of life.

As essay magic of science limits access to health and other services, living conditions for children in the Central African Republic continue to deteriorate.

Rates of malnutrition are on the rise, leaving displaced children especially vulnerable. A girl receives a nutrition screening in a neighbourhood of Bangui, where she and others have taken refuge.

The yellow on the armband indicates that she is at risk of becoming malnourished. Abandoned by her mother, Gabriela had been living with her grandmother and never attended school.

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She was molested several times while her grandmother was away at work and had her son essay on republic day celebration 2016 being raped by a year-old neighbour. She now attends school and receives counselling. Children and women queue to collect food rations in the town of Mingkaman. They are amongpeople — including an estimatedchildren — who have been internally displaced since essay on republic day celebration 2016 violence erupted late last year.

Across the country, some 4. UNICEF support includes programmes in water, sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, health, education and child protection, but needs continue to outpace funding resources. Despite a low unemployment rate, poverty in the country remains high. To support their struggling families, some Bolivians have no choice but to work in hazardous jobs — such as mining. Though Paulino goes to school, Laura stopped attending classes to care for her sick mother.

She would like to return to school but cannot afford to do so. From 24 to 30 April, World Immunization Week urges everyone to ask this question for themselves and their children.

Immunization protects against the suffering caused by vaccine-preventable diseases and saves 2—۳ essay on republic day celebration 2016 lives each essay on republic day celebration 2016. But staying up-to-date on inoculations is critical information about essay writing ensure lasting immunity. A health worker administers a dose of oral polio vaccine to a baby, in Tigray Region.

Inthe Day is drawing focused attention to the interdependence of water and energy. As the demand for both continues to rise despite their limited essay on republic day celebration 2016, users of these vital resources must look toward actions that promote conservation and sustainability. The boy, his parents and five siblings fled the Syrian conflict and now live in a modest dwelling in Irbid, Jordan, where they have exhausted their savings to cover expenses. Esmaeli would like to continue his education, but the nearest school is full, and his cover letter or selection criteria cannot afford the bus fare to send him to another.

Nearly four years into the Syrian crisis, children continue to suffer the most amid the destruction of basic infrastructure. The conflict has kept nearly 2. In Homs, capital of Homs Governorate, children attend a kindergarten where sounds of the fighting and shelling are at times heard during class, and the students wear their coats indoors to stay warm due to frequent power outages.

A boy in the Mingkaman camp for displaced people. Somepeople — including an estimatedchildren — have been displaced internally since fighting broke out anew on 15 December UNICEF is reaching children with critical support in water, sanitation and hygiene, nutrition, health, education and protection, but needs remain urgent. People displaced by internal violence, in Three years ago, the people of Southern Sudan voted for independence after decades of civil war between north and south.

For many in South Sudan, internal conflict has also been a source of threat. In mid-Decemberviolence erupted anew, leaving somepeople displaced and escalating essay on republic day celebration 2016 needs among already vulnerable families. Left-right cousins Hayat, 13, and Yamama, 10, share a tent with their families, in the informal Fayda settlement, in the Bekaa Valley.

They participate in non-formal education activities in the encampment. The Syrian conflict has created an education crisis. Security concerns, damaged learning facilities and other factors have forced nearly 2. The Bab Al Salame displacement camp. The Syrian crisis is exacting its greatest toll on children. Millions are out of school, and all children — whether in the Syrian Arab Republic or taking essay on republic day celebration 2016 abroad — face significant threats to their psychosocial health and desperately require essay on republic day celebration 2016.

Launched last week, the No Lost Generation campaign calls for critical support in these key areas to empower children to reclaim agency over their lives — and futures. The sisters and their family are among nine people sharing a tent in the Kawergosk camp for Syrian refugees. A boy with his mother. As the world welcomesa new year draws us closer to the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals. You sow in tears before you reap joy.

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In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working. It would have been called Independence Day, but that name was already taken. It is an act of unity between allies fighting on different terrains toward the same objective. The foremost of these objectives is to aid the development of humanity to the highest level possible. If any man tells you he trusts America, yet fears labor, he is a fool. It was not by gold or by silver, but by labor, that all wealth of the world was originally purchased.

Labor Day is devoted to no man, living or dead, to no sect, race or nation. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. The resulting alliance facilitated the mass conversion of Albanians to Islam. Given that the Ottoman Empire’s subjects were divided along religious rather than ethnic lines, Islamisation greatly elevated the status of Albanian chiefs.

Prior to this, they were organised along simple tribal lines, living in the mountainous areas of modern Albania from Kruje to the Sar range. The underlying ethnic tensions became part of a broader struggle of Christian Serbs against Muslim Albanians.

In the League of Prizren Lidhja e Prizrenit was formed. This was a political organisation that sought to unify all the Albanians of the Ottoman Empire in a common struggle for autonomy and greater cultural rights, [59] although they generally desired the continuation of the Ottoman Empire.

The Kingdom of Serbia wished to incorporate this land that had formerly been within its empire. The case study on staffing function of management Albanian-Serbian conflict has its roots in the explusion of the Albanians in from areas that became incorporated into the Principality of Serbia.

The movement supported a centralised form of government and opposed any sort of autonomy desired by the various nationalities of the Ottoman Empire. An allegiance to Ottomanism was promoted instead. An excellent parade and salute event is held by the military team at Rajpath in front of the India Gate in New Delhi, India. How Republic Day is Celebrated Events and celebrations are organized with great effort by the government of India in order to celebrate Republic Day in the Capital.

A huge, grand military parade is held in New Delhi at Rajpath as well as the state capitals. Participants from the Indian Army, Air Force, Navy and traditional dance group takes part in the parade. It is done to commemorate the sacrifices made by Research proposal case study Indian army soldiers while saving the country.

Military salute is taken by the President of India during the parade in the Capital whereas military salute is taken by the state governors in their respective state capitals. On this essay on republic day celebration 2016, the soldiers of armed forces, common people and students from the essay on republic day celebration 2016 are honored with various national awards, such as Maha Veer Chakra, Ashok Chakra, Param Veer Chakra and Veer Chakra along with bravery medals for their exemplary how to start a persuasive essay introduction and performances.

Most strikingly, the helicopters of our armed forces perform a show in the sky and shower rose petals over the audience sitting in India Gate. In addition, you can also enjoy various dance and singing performances by the school children. The staff of the armed forces performs rides through motorcycle whereas the staff from the Indian Air Force performs fly essay on republic day celebration 2016 on the fighter planes making tri color of the Indian Flag with the help of smoke for offering the honor salute to our president.

A range of traditional and cultural programs are performed by the professionals from different states to focus on the history and memory essay smithsonian and culture of our country. All the government and non government offices of the nation and state, including post offices and banks remain closed on this day. Special security is organized on this day because of a huge gathering and to prevent any mishap from happening.

At that time, there was no permanent constitution of the country. It was on 4th November that the first draft of the Indian Constitution was presented by the drafting committee to the national assembly.



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